Instruct me

Please read all the information on this website before you make an enquiry. Please read ALL the FAQs before making contact, and apply your mind to whether instructing me is the best option for you. I’ve put this site together so that you can reach an informed view about whether public access is for you before you waste yours and my time and energy making enquiries that lead to a dead end. That isn’t intended to put you off – but it’s YOUR case and YOUR money.

If you do want to go ahead please complete the enquiry form. The form is quite long, but it’s designed to help me be more efficient in working out if I can help – which should save us both time. If your case is urgent please ring chambers to let them know you have sent the form or to establish whether or not I am available on the date of your hearing.

I’d really appreciate your feedback on this site, so if you found it useful (or confusing, or awful…) please contact me to let me know.