It’s impossible to give you a quote or estimate without knowing about the detail of your case, because I need to understand how much time your case will take.

I usually charge £240 per hour plus VAT. The hours I will spend on your case will depend on what you want me to do, but I will likely need to do the following :

  • read the papers you send me
  • possibly hold a conference with you in person or by video / phone
  • prepare for a hearing including drafting any document required
  • travel to and from court or conference
  • time spent at court (from arrival to leaving – hearings often start late or take longer than the time estimate given on the order)
  • draw up an order and write up a note of the hearing

Please do not expect me to advise or represent you for free. I do undertake ‘pro bono’ work, but I do this via Advocate or other schemes. I cannot be instructed to carry out legal aid work through this site either – to access legal aid you need a solicitor, who can then instruct a barrister on your behalf.

The information above is intended to help you get a general sense of what my instruction might cost. I ask that anyone who wants to instruct me completes the public access enquiry form which is designed to gather basic details about your case that my clerks will need to progress your enquiry. This form has three purposes :

  • It will allow me to make a decision about whether your case is suitable for instruction without a solicitor i.e. whether I can help at all
  • It will allow my clerks to check if I am available on the day of your hearing or have capacity to do the work you need within your timescales (I am often booked up several months in advance)
  • If your case is suitable and I am available, it will help my clerks give you a realistic estimate of what it will cost to instruct me. They can often agree a cap or fixed fee, but this depends on the nature of the work / case.

Please complete this form rather than sending me a long email with the information you think is most important. This will make it more time consuming to process your request.

Please see FAQ about costs for more info.